BiPolar USA in Missouri City, Texas wants to be the link between your mental illness and your recovery.  We are a non-medical service provider where the care and education of the individual as our top priority. Our role is to assist you in your recovery efforts with mental health issues and challenges. Finding ways to improve the quality of life is central to the healing process in recovery.

Confidential In-home Care

Our services are designed to meet your needs while recovering and re-establishing your life. During the initial consultation, we conduct a needs assessment to determine the best plan for you. An example of some of our services are:

  • One on One Peer Support
  • rethinkmentalillnessEmotional Support
  • Wellness Programs & Nutrition Education
  • Medication Monitoring, Guidance, and Resources
  • Mood Calendar Assessments and Personal Care

The initial consultation includes an overall assessment of needs and an interview with caretakers to help you decide on the right program for your stage of recovery.

Initial Consultation:   $125.00 (1 hour)

Hourly fee for peer support sessions: $50.00

Crisis Intervention: $50.00

For more information on programs designed to meet individual stages of recovery, please click here: Recovery Programs 


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